Study at CESI Graduate School of Engineering

One school, several choices, your future

Keys and Figures :

  • A school created in the 50’s by 5 French leading companies (among which Renault)
  • Pioneer school to provide engineering degrees through combined work-study programmes (« apprentissage »)
  • Over 6,000 pupils
  • 25 campuses all over France, 1 in Cameroun (Douala), 2 in Algeria (Oran and Alger)
  • Study fields :  industry and services / construction and civil engineering
  • Hands-on experience in all our degrees and courses
  • An innovative pedagogy introduced during the Pre-engineering cycle and fully implemented in the engineering studies (A2P2)
  • English-taught semesters and English-based projects or deliverables
  • Immersive learning weeks and preparation to TOEIC (certification in English)
  • 100% of our future engineers spend at least 3 months abroad
  • Over 70 partner Institutions all over the world
  • Visiting professors or international lecturers
  • Individual guidance
  • Buddy programme
  • CESI Alumni network

Programmes :

Enrolment possible in :

  • Pre-engineering cycle (2-year course)
  • Engineering degree (3-year course)
  • Executive Post-Master degrees (12-month course)
  • PreMaster and Pre-DI for international students with « n+i »
  • Exchange programme (for partner university’s student or « free mover »)

Study at CESI Graduate School of Engineering : 

Different programs details

Exchange programme

  • Partner university : the exchange programme is open to students at CESI’s partner universities or institutions. If your university is one of our partners, check with your home university if you are eligible for an exchange at CESI.
  • Free mover : we can welcome students from non- partner institutions for one or two semesters. This programme costs 4000€/semester. Please contact our International Relations office to know more about it:

Pre Engineering cycle

  • Eligibility : you must have graduated from secondary school (baccalaureat or equivalent foreign diploma) with a focus on sciences (mathematics and physics). The Pre-Engineering cycle is a 2-year course that gives access to the Engineering degree. You must have a good command of French (B2 or equivalent).

Pre Master – open to non French-speaking applicants

Pre DI – open to non french-speaking applicants

Master degree in engineering

  • Eligibility : you must be completing your 2nd year of higher education in the fields of sciences or techniques. After this 3-year degree, you will obtain the « titre d’ingénieur », EUR-ACE labelled and CTI accredited. You must have a good command of French to enrol in this degree (B2 or equivalent). English is also required as the degree requires a B2 certification.

Executive Post Master degree

  • Eligibility : you must have completed a 5-year degree, equivalent to a Master Degree to enrol in this programme.

Status : if you are a European student, you can choose between the combined work-study programme or the student status. If you are a non-EU student, you can enrol as a student only and must complete an application through « Etudes en France » to obtain a visa.

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